Friday, 26 June 2015


Today I was revisiting Sarah's family history and her record of cures for various ailments.
I noted that Sarah died aged 73 in 1754.
Was it her careful recording  and partaking of her medical recipes, wealth, or a combination of both that contributed to her long life when the average lifespan for that time was 35 - 36 years?
This interesting website puts the timeline of her life into perspective:

I have added a medicinal recipe for a Children's cordial and a cure for Green Sickness today. It must have been quite a treat for a child to be given a cordial in these early times! The cure for Green Sickness sounds worse than the ailment! One of the ingredients mentioned to cure Green Sickness is steel powder. It seems this was quite a common addition to compounds made to be administered in a medical capacity. Alleged cures for venereal disease and indigestion also recommended the inclusion of steel powder or filings.