How to make Black Jappan

First take some glue and heat and some water and some lam (lamp) black and sturr am together pretty thik and then doe the wrong side of your things with it and then take some very black and mix it with browne varnish strain it and then doe the inside of your drawes with it once or twice and then doe the outside of your things with it 6 or 7 times with it, but between every time you must lett am dry before the fire or in the sun but no to hot before ye fire for fear of blistering of am but you must keep am prety warme for fear of chilling am and then let am stand a day or 2 and then take a handful of rushes at a time and rub am with the right way of the grain till theay be all to pieces and then take more and more till you have wore out a good many soe then varnish em over 6 or 7 times with pretty good varnish but you must lett am dry between every time before the fire the let am stand a week or more you may do the outsides of your things with the lam black first of all if you please then take some ? beat it very fine and putt some in ragg and dust it about your worke and then dipp some rags in water or ? and rub am about any way soundly as hard as you can for you cant polish am to much the desine of polishing is to make am smooth and then drawe it with gold and then take ? ? and put some oyl of turpentine to it and let it soke some burs in a cokel shell and then overlay all your plases with it with a pensell all but your hils and where you rase it  and let it stand a few hours and cover am with your mettels the facecs with silver and red together you shud have turkeys quels or very hard nipt pens for your maring, mix your gold prety thik to raise it to vernish your worke over 2 before you rase it, when raseing dry mark it mume your hills put some speckels in a rage, dust am thoro upon your hils and then vernish over 1 or 2 then vernish all overyour work 3 times then theay must stand about a week and then polish am in oyl to take away the rowes of your vernish and clear it up with flower that is to rub it about with your hand then rub it of with a clean rag well, to speckel your drawes mume it over the inside of your drawes very thin with your hand and then speckel it with gold and red speckels as you ? your hils and then vernish am over twise. You must pounce your black jappan paterns on with rippols and drawe am with gold.

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