A Receipt for making "Daffy's" Elixir 

Take two gallons of Aqua Vitae and infuse 3/4 of a pound of juniper berries, coriander seeds, guaichum (guaiacum), elicampain (elecampane), carraway, anniseeds,stick of liquorish of each of these a quarter of a pound.
Six ounces of senna, two pounds of raisons (raisins) of the sun stoned, bruise the seeds and slice the liquorish, let it stand sixteen days. Stir it twice a day, then strain it off and bottle it for use.

Dr Bohaaves Diet Drink to sweeten the Blood

Take two pound of Guaiacom Wood. Bruise it and soak it 48 hours in two gallons of fair water. Then let it boil till 1/2 is wasted and bottle it. Drink 1/2 pint or a 1/4 of a pint of this twice a day for a month.

Mrs Chater's Receipt for weakness in Women

Take of oak bud water, plantane water and the best french claret, of each a pint and a half. Of conserve of red roses one pound. Put all cold into a new pipkin and let them simmer till the conserve be dissolved. Drink of this mixture at least three times a day a coffee dishfull at a time.

For the Mange

Hog's Lard, Brimstone and Gunpowder Mixture. Rub it allover twice in 2 or 3 days.

An Admirable Receipt for a Purging (but it should only be used in violent cases)

Take a new tobacco pipe and pound it very fine and search it through a muslin rag then let it boil in a pint of milk till it comes to half a pint then strain it thro a muslin rag and let a person drink it at will

Dr Gibson's oyntment for a pain in the side

One ounce of the oyntment  of mash mallers, half a dram of the oyl of mace.
Annoint ye side with

Mrs Saxtons ye Midwife Receipt for weakness in Women

Indian earth, white amber, red coral and nutmegs - of each one dram and a half
Balm of Giliad as much as is sufficient to make a mass for pills forty grains to be taken every morning - if can't take pills may take it like a bolis

An extraordinary receipt for a sprain or bruise.
Bathe it with oyl of turpentine before ye fire

Mrs Mann's Snail water for a Consump

Three pints of snails, bruised and boil'd in a gallon of milk, horehound, mint, coltsfoot palms of each one handful, shred them ans put them in ye still then pour the milk and snails upon them and distill them gently, put a little white sugar. coat into ye bottle according to your taste.

Nurs Chandler's receipt for a good Cordiell for Children.
Milk water, mint water, black cherry water, trecle water of each 1 penny worth. Sweeten with surrup of safforn

Cousen Thornberry receipt for Green Sickness
Half an ounce of steel powder, 1 ounce of aniseeds, 2 ounces of loaf sugar, half an ounce of ginger, 1 dram of mace. Beat them into fine powder and sift them. Take it twice a day as much as will lie upon a shilling and drink a little anything after it.

A very good Plaister for ye Back

Doctor Turnner

Olibanum is Frankincense
Perisulfus similar to Peroxide

Mrs Thurstfields Stinking Searcloth
Take a pint of Linseed oyl. three ounces of white lead, let it boyl two hours stirring it all the while. Dip ye Searcloth and hang it across ye line as it dries pull it out to keep it smooth and gentle. This is good for mortifications Cancered Breasts.

Cousin Thornberry's Receipt for Madness
Take 3 great handfulls of alehoof, shread small & boyle in 2 quarts of ye best old claret till two parts of it be consumed, then strain it off and boyle it with 6 ounces of ye best sallet oyle till it like an oyntment and anoint ye mold of ye head with it being warme 8 or 9 times a day chafing it very well, then take some fresh alehoof & shread & put into ointment & bind upon ye mold of ye head.
Alehoof - groundcover used as a herb

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